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Blue Moon Superfood Mask

Blue Moon Superfood Mask

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what’s inside:

kaolin clay - this naturally white clay has been used for centuries as a way of cleansing and detoxing the skin by absorbing oil and toxins. it’s the softest and finest of all clays, making it ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin

bentonite clay - this mineral-rich clay is great at absorbing excess oils and minimizing pores. it also has anti-inflammatory properties helping to calm breakouts

coconut cream - the high fat content in coconut milk is easily absorbed into the skin providing moisture. also naturally rich in vitamin C and E, it helps to add elasticity and repair damaged skin

blue spirulina - this show-stopping naturally blue superfood isn’t only added for it beauty (but she is gorgeous, isn’t she?), the naturally blue pigments help to ease redness and calm the skin. actually algae, blue spirulina is a complete protein full of antioxidants which fight free radicals, preventing skin damage that can lead to signs of aging. blue also signifies deep intuition and spirituality, healing, and a respect for the divine

tapioca powder - also know as cassava flour, this light powder helps to absorb excess oil and brighten skin with gently exfoliation

vitamin e oil - this incredibly moisturizing antioxidant helps to create a natural barrier for your skin, locking in moisture and providing nourishment for dry and damaged skin

a tropical blend of essential oils - bergamot, tangerine, orange, and vanilla essential oils all represent abundance, prosperity, and royalty. remember that YOU are an abundant queen as you pamper yourself babe


the ritual:

start with a fresh and clean face + gather your supplies. we recommend either a ceramic or glass bowl, and a wooden or silicone spoon to mix. try to avoid metal as the clays will absorb the metal elements

mix 1-2 teaspoons of superfood mask with equal parts filtered water until smooth, you may even want to let it sit for a minute or two

apply with a face brush or your fingers, and relax for 15-20 minutes. rinse with warm water and enjoy beautiful, nourished skin

finish by spritzing with a hydrosol or toner, and layering on your favorite moisturizer

share your results with us on social, we love hearing from you!

**PLEASE NOTE** this product is colored with all-natural elements from the earth. while we have done extensive tests on multiple surfaces and fabrics, please be aware that these may cause discoloration, so it’s advised you apply intentionally and with caution, perhaps even wearing dark clothing or using a dark colored wash cloth


kaolin clay, coconut cream, bentonite clay, tapioca flour, blue algae, essential oil blend of tangerine, vanilla, bergamot, and orange, vitamin e oil

* all essential oils are properly extracted and formulated to have no photosensitizing effects


aligned apothecary's handmade products contain no synthetic ingredients— this includes no dyes, no fragrances, and no synthetic preservatives. additionally, they are concentrated blends containing no fillers and using the minimum amount of ingredients necessary to achieve the maximum results. please use within 6 months for best results.

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