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Sun + Moon Face Renewal Kit

Sun + Moon Face Renewal Kit

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Rejuvenate your skin with this powerful kit. With the Face Renewal Kit you'll get everything you need for a mini at-home facial.


    what’s inside:

    blue moon superfood mask - this vibrant beauty is made with blue spirulina, which not only nourishes your skin, but can also combat redness and help to even skin tone. it’s advised to mix with distilled or purified water for the best results

    soleil brightening polish - made with extra fine caster sugar to be gentle for even the most delicate skin. we recommend that you use a clean spoon (metal is fine) to scoop out a nickel-sized amount. we create these products without the use of preservatives, so please be careful not to get water into the jar

    ceramic bowl, wooden spoon + facial mask brush - these have been included for use of your superfood mask. please keep metals away from the clay, as the clay naturally absorbs the metal elements

    black wash cloth - **PLEASE NOTE** these products are colored with all-natural elements from the earth, such as blue spirulina and turmeric. While we have done extensive tests on multiple surfaces and fabrics, please be aware that these may cause discoloration, so it’s advised you apply intentionally and with caution, perhaps even wearing dark clothing 

    spa headband - to keep your gorgeous locks clean


    the ritual:

    start with a fresh and clean face, we recommend the Cosmic Cleansing Oil or the Milky Way Cleansing Grains

    scoop a small amount of the Soleil Brightening Polish onto fingertips and gently massage into face with circular motions for 1-2 minutes. rinse off with warm, damp wash cloth and reveal smooth skin.

    mix 1-2 teaspoons of Blue Moon Superfood Mask with equal parts filtered water until smooth. apply to a clean + dry face with a brush or your fingers. relax for 15-20 minutes. rinse with warm water and enjoy beautiful, nourished skin.

    if you wish, finish by spritzing with the Aurora Confidence Hydrosol, and seal in moisture with the Sun Rising Glow Serum or the Moon Rising Beauty Balm 


    blue moon superfood mask: kaolin clay, coconut cream, bentonite clay, tapioca flour, blue algae, essential oil blend of tangerine, vanilla, bergamot, and orange, vitamin e oil
    soleil brightening polish: extra-virgin coconut oil, caster sugar, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, turmeric, essential oil blend of lemon, orange, and bergamot

    * all essential oils are properly extracted and formulated to have no photosensitizing effects


    aligned apothecary's handmade products contain no synthetic ingredients— this includes no dyes, no fragrances, and no synthetic preservatives. additionally, they are concentrated blends containing no fillers and using the minimum amount of ingredients necessary to achieve the maximum results. please use within 6 months for best results.

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